Miracle Koi Food is the only Koi Food guaranteed to make Koi grow, enhance color, or money back.

Miracle Koi Food - the only Koi Food guaranteed to enhance Koi color.


Miracle Koi Food is the only Koi Food guaranteed to make Koi grow, enhance color, or money back.

Miracle Koi Food, Feeding & Benefits

Koi Food Benefits

Miracle koi food is the only single package koi pond food that supplies 100% of the High Value Protein and 100% total nutrition to maintain koi and pond fish health without other supplements.

Less koi food, More color and growth.

Feed your pond fish or koi only what they will eat in 10-15 minutes, three times a week. This schedule has proven to provide 100% of koi and pond fish nutritional requirements for health, color enhancement, and growth, including, High Value Protein for maximum slimecoat Protection.

Feeding a reduced schedule with Miracle Koi Food will also help keep your pond filter cleaner and water quality balanced.

Less koi food = Cleaner koi Pond. TWO WAYS.

Supplying all of the nutrition necessary for healthy fish with reduced feedings helps you to not "overfeed" your pond or filter system and makes your fish work for you. The off time from being fed, your fish will forage in the pond as they do in natural surroundings and clean up sunken food and algae that grows in your pond. Algae is healthy, normal, beneficial food for pond fish and it grows in your pond for free. No reason to buy several different variations of any manufacturer's fish food. Miracle Koi Food can be fed year round without ill effects, just like earthworms.

Miracle Koi Food is the koi and pond fish food needed for maximum Health, Growth and Color Enhancement of koi and other pond fish. Miracle fish food is formulated for optimum fish health with reduced feeding schedules and helps keep your water quality balanced in a cleaner pond.

Miracle Koi Food is the only totally patented fish food. Guaranteed to enhance color, stimulate growth and promote maximum health with High Value Protein for optimum slime coat protection, or your money back.

Miracle koi food can be fed year round, whenever your fish are hungry, without ill effect. Fresh food is vacuum packed in 1lb. resealable packages for maximum nutrient content at all times.

TRY IT FOR YOURSELF, Even if you only reduce your feeding schedule, not following the feeding instructions to the letter, you and your fish will agree, Miracle koi food is the cleanest, healthiest, most nutritious, highest value per feeding, pond fish food available anywhere. Guaranteed or your money back.

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