Miracle Koi Food is the only Koi Food guaranteed to make your Koi grow and enhance their color, or your money back.

Miracle Koi Food - the only Koi Food guaranteed to enhance the color of your Koi.


Miracle Koi Food is the only Koi Food guaranteed to make your Koi grow and enhance their color, or your money back.

Miracle Koi Food
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Koi Color problems.

We can't possibly continue to sell champion Koi that are only champion Koi fish for one year. Koiman believed that nutrition and perfect water quality were the absolute KEY to maintaining champion qualities and growth in Koi. The Clearwater Biological Filter took care of the water quality, so the Koi Food testing began.

Miracle Koi Food, Discovering Champion Quality.

We understand "TODAY" that high value protein was the missing link in all of the Koi food available. Most of the major Koi Food manufacturers haven't changed much, other than advertising and packaging, since then.

Proper testing isolates and measures results, so 16 ponds of 86 gallons each were built and filtered with the proven Clearwater Lifetime Biological Filter to maintain water quality.

32 fish of equal size, weight and show quality color received directly from Japan were placed, two each, into the 16 ponds. All test ponds were maintained exactly the same way. 70 degree temperature was constant and all ponds were in the same building. All 16 major brands of Koi Food available (at that time) were purchased and stored with each individual pond. The fish in each pond were fed only one brand of food, exclusively, strictly following the feeding directions on the manufacturers package.

All of the fish were 8" to 9" in length and purchased from Kamihata Fisheries in Japan who manufacture Hikari Fish Food, which most Koi keepers and professionals regarded as absolutely the best koi food.

Pond and Koi Fish Testing

Pond Water Quality

Chemical tests were made daily, on each and every pond, to insure water chemistry remained constant:

  • P.H
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrates
  • 8% Oxygen content
  • Methane
  • Overfeeding
  • and Others.

Chemical elements of the food testing process were very stable due to the excellence of the Clearwater Filter System. Most of the water quality testing manhours were spent detecting and correcting overfeeding problems caused by manufacturer's recommended feeding frequency.

Much of the daily food recommended was simply being crushed by the fish and expelled through the gills to the bottom of the pond.

Testing involved placing properly sized bedsheets in the bottom of all 16 ponds to measure the amount of un-eaten food. Shocking amounts of ecology polluting waste was found with all brands of fish food.



Three ponds we are proud to display.

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