Clearwater Aquarium Filter

Installation instructions…

1. Measure the length and width of the inside floor of your tank. Trim the Filter Plate to fit snugly. There should NOT be any bulging of the Filter Plate and there should NOT be any gaps between the edge of the Filter Plate and the side of the aquarium.

2. Insert your power head into the clear uplift tube, adjusting if necessary so that the water will flow diagonally in the aquarium (back right corner to the front left corner). Position the power head pipe in the corner and trace the bottom of the pipe on the filter plate. Cut the hole for the tube.

3. Cut the bottom of the uplift tube at a 40° angle. Insert the tube into the hole that you cut in step #3.

4. Cut a small piece of pipe to support the uplift tube from the wall of the aquarium. This will help ensure that the uplift tube does not become unsealed if the power head is ever removed.

5. Apply a bead of silicon along all edges of the filter plate, completely sealing it into the aquarium. Seal the uplift tube in place. You can secure it with a piece of tape while drying. Let dry for 24 hours.

6. Lay the aquarium on its back with the top opening facing you. Insert the stabilizing pipe that you cut in step #4 between the uplift tube and the side of the aquarium and seal it with the silicon. This will anchor the uplift tube and keep it secure. Let dry for 24 hours.

After the filter has been properly installed, add 1.5 lb. Of 5mm gravel/coral per gallon of water.  We Recommend Star Brand #8 Sand Blasting Gravel

The 5mm aquarium gravel is the ideal size for allowing the proper conditions for the necessary beneficial bacteria to grow to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. 

Level the gravel/coral so that you maintain an even filtration.  Your power head needs to cycle the total gallons of water in your aquarium 3 to 5 times per hour.  Fill the aquarium with water and treat as needed for city water.  Once the aquarium temperature is stable, you may add fish.

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